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wanted to use some fancy blogging software for this but jekyll's too complex for shitposting and zonelets is too js dependent (noscript breaks it in half)

so i... jumped to the conclusion that i needed to write my own software. uh oh! this is a time consuming and overall unwise thing to do! and because im stubborn, its only recently that i came to a compromise with myself on this.

i already duct-taped together a semi-functional website manager using the neocities CLI and a janky shell script. but it was driving me insane because:

1) i decided to have pages generated using templates. this is usually a good idea, but it was fucking with me because: the templates were not made to be previewed, and sometimes i would accidentally edit the generated page instead of the template and then i would have to do everything over again when the template overwrote the page. good times.

edit in place makes me anxious, but the git repo should be a good enough backup to take care of any big accidents. getting rid of the shitty templates is a net positive anyway!! good riddance

2) the neocities CLI doesn't have a way to remove unused files from the site so i had to make my own. not that hard to do: just compare the local directory with the site directory and remove anything from the site directory that doesnt belong. would love it if the CLI just had that but whatever. this website is free

(actually neocities CLI is open source i could just go in and. update it. hm)

after fixing my shitty tools to be slightly less shitty tools, a lot of my need for blogging software evaporated. the only other thing i can think of is a markdown to html editor because writing in the DOM is trash. otherwise there is nothing holding me back from posting complete garbage on the internet!!